How to manage a cold email inbox

Learn how to spend as little time as possible responding to your leads.


So, you’re ready to hit the ground running with your campaign and pretty soon you’ll be fielding responses as they come in. While this sounds great in theory, fielding responses can take a lot of time, and if you’re anything like us, I’m guessing you’d like to save as much time as possible when and where you can. I mean, think of all the things you could do with that extra time on your hands! You could go to the beach, squeeze in an extra date night, or even take a nap! You get the point.

In this short article, I’m going to teach you the way that we manage our inboxes here at Lucky Leads, so you can spend the bare minimum amount of time responding to your leads.

Ready? Here we go.

It’s time to ditch all your inboxes

Your cold email campaign will probably require more than one inbox, and in some cases, we manage as many as 20 inboxes for a single client. Could you imagine checking 20 inboxes all day long? Well we used to, but thankfully that’s a thing of the past now because we learned how to ditch our inboxes for one simple inbox.

Here’s how…

Link all your inboxes

Once your inboxes are set up, we recommend linking them up to one central inbox. This is going to forward incoming emails from every inbox into one inbox, so you only have to check that one. Isn’t that amazing?! We love technology.

You can learn how to do that for Gmail here.

Enable “send as” permissions

Checking all of your emails in one inbox is only half the equation. This next step will enable you to respond from any of your email addresses from that central inbox so you really only ever have to log into one inbox.

You can learn how to enable “send as” permission for Gmail here.

Stay on top of your incoming responses

Once your email accounts are all connected, there’s one more step. Actually responding to incoming leads. And when it comes to responding, time is of the essence. Ever hear this phrase?

Time kills all deals.

Well it’s backed up by statistics that show that 64% of buyers work with the agent they speak to first, and responding within five minutes is 21 times more effective than responding within 30 minutes. That means you really want to respond to your incoming leads within 5 minutes of when they respond to your email.

Another adage we like is,

If you’re not first, you’re last.

Put simply, if your company is not the first company your buyer speaks to, chances are they will work with another company instead.

So now that the pressure is on, how do you stay on top of your incoming responses so quickly?

Enable email or SMS notifications

We’re all guilty of ignoring notifications for the simple fact that we are bombarded by countless numbers of them daily. But there are some we just can’t afford to ignore, especially when potential business is on the line.

Depending on your phone or email habits, we recommend doing one of a number of things:

1. Enable email notifications for your cold email inbox on your phone or computer so that you know as soon as a prospect has responded. When it comes to mobile, you can usually enable notifications on an inbox-by-inbox basis, that way if you only want notifications for your cold email inbox but not your other inboxes, you can do so.

2. We also recommend enabling SMS notifications on your phone so you receive a text message when a new lead responds. There are helpful apps for this like Zapier, which will allow up to 100 SMS notifications per month for free. If you need more notifications, their Starter Plan starts at around $25.00 per month.

3. If managing your cold email inbox is not your thing, you can always hire a Virtual Assistant to man your inbox for you. Some international Virtual Assistants are as inexpensive as $5 per hour. But if you go this route, make sure to properly vet your Virtual Assistant candidates for proficiency in the English language. The last thing you want to do is send your leads a well crafted sequence demonstrating your ownership of the English language, and then respond to their interest with a botched message. There are many sites that can help you hire a Virtual Assistant, but we like Ripple VAs for their quality and cost savings.

Need help managing your cold email campaign?

Lucky Leads is here to help. We can help you with any step of the cold email process, from setting up your deliverability, to writing your email sequence, or even managing your campaign once it’s launched. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you, book a call here so we can learn about your needs and come up with a plan best suited for you.

James Bazakos

Founder of Lucky Leads, Cold Email Expert

For the last three years, James has been crafting cold email campaigns to deliver results to his clients. He hopes this blog post will help others learn what he has in a shorter amount of time.

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