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Accounting leads

Bookkeeper360 commissioned us to fill their sales team's calendars with companies that might need a better accounting solution.

Campaign Duration: 8 months
Lead Quantity: 30/month
Realized Return on Investment: 227%
Expected Return on Investment: 1266%

The problem

Our client, an accounting firm, needed to win new clients. As we explored the psychology behind how companies shop for bookkeeping and accounting solutions, we discovered that bookkeeping is viewed as a commodity service with high switching costs. In other words, prospects were unlikely to change from their current solution because they saw their solution, and our client's solution as interchangeable, and because switching providers would involve time and cost investments.

A salesman happy with the lead quality generated by Lucky Leads.
A sales manager happy with the lead quality generated by Lucky Leads.

Our solution

Without competing on price and jeopardizing the premium brand our client had developed over the years, we had to find another way for our client to stand out in the market. We needed a way to catch the attention of decision-makers, keep their attention once we had it, and encourage them to take positive action, like booking a meeting with our client. To do this, we employed humor, which lowered people's guards and endeared them to our client's brand, making them noticeably more likely to book meetings. The booking rate increased 500% using humor.

More Key Statistics

An upwards arrow resembling an increase in cold email open rates.

48.2% Open Rate

This is the percentage of people that opened our client's cold emails.

Cold email copywriting services.

134,390 Emails Sent

To 51,599 prospects that matched Bookkeeper360's ideal client profile.

B2B LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn lead generation.

5.6% Reply Rate

This is the percentage of people that replied to our client's cold emails.

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What Bookkeeper360 has to say about Lucky Leads

"We were beyond happy"

We had tried our own lead generation in the past, but Lucky Leads was able to bring it to a level where we were beyond happy.

Nick Pasquarosa
Chief Executive Officer

"He is truly an expert of the industry"

Lucky Leads always made sure that no matter the campaign strategy they tested, we only met with qualified leads.

Steven Miller
VP of Sales

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