An image of pints of Nightfood's ice cream flavors.

Influencer recruitment

Nightfood commissioned us to help them recruit macro and micro influencers to promote their products.

Campaign Duration: 1 year
Influencers Recruited: 500+
Media Impressions: 4,400,000+
Instagram Post Likes: 335,000+
Instagram Account Follows: 10,000+
Instagram Post Comments: 14,000+

The problem

Our client, an Ice Cream Manufacturer, wanted to recruit cost-effective micro-influencers on Instagram to post about their new product line. The new products were set to roll out in specific markets across the Eastern United States, therefore we needed to be able to target and recruit influencers with followers in those same markets so they would have the ability to purchase the ice cream at a local store.

How Lucky Leads helped Nightfood create celebrity flavors with Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer, and Richard Sherman from the San Francisco 49ers.
Lucky Leads helps Nightfood secure Bobby Portis as an influencer and brand ambassador.

Our solution

Our first step was to create the conditions for social proof by recruiting some big-name influencers. Our theory was that with a few big names on the company roster, we would have a much easier time recruiting micro-influencers because they'd want to jump on the same bandwagon as the larger influencers. With larger influencer contracts signed, we built proprietary technology to get the email addresses of micro-influencers with followers in our target geographies. We then crafted a cold email sequence and a free-product-based influencer program with a fully automated registration process to win micro-influencer participation at scale.

More Key Statistics

An upwards arrow resembling an increase in cold email open rates.

78.1% Open Rate

This is the percentage of people that opened our client's cold emails.

Cold email copywriting services.

249,327 Emails Sent

To 99,730 micro-influencers that matched Nightfood's ideal influencer profile.

B2B LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn lead generation.

17.2% Reply Rate

This is the percentage of people that replied to our client's cold emails.

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What Nightfood has to say about Lucky Leads

"Most importantly they care"

We couldn't be happier with the team at Lucky Leads. These guys know what they're doing, and most importantly they care.

Sean Folkson
Chief Executive Officer

"Lucky Leads knew just what to say"

Lucky Leads knew just what to say to express out brand in a way that created a movement that influencers wanted to be a part of.

Adam Elbendary
Director of Marketing

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