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Referral partnerships

Vital Care Partners commissioned us to help them build relationships with businesses that could refer new clients to them.

Campaign Duration: 6 months
Relationships Built: 43
Brand Awareness to: 8,704+ Partners

The problem

Our client, an Elder Care and Special Needs Care provider, wanted more elderly and special needs clients. Because direct outreach is a predominantly B2B channel, we could not email potential clients or their guardians directly. We had to come up with some other way of winning these clients that didn't involve reaching out to them directly.

A case manager and doctors conversing.
An elder care attorney speaking with their client, an elderly women.

Our solution

Instead of emailing the end clients directly, we emailed referral sources, such as trust and estate attorneys. After a couple of months, we had emailed every trust and estate attorney in the local geography, so we targeted another audience; namely, case managers and social workers at hospitals. In our research phase for this audience, we conducted a phone call with a local case manager and gained some valuable insights about case managers that we were able to parlay into a campaign that delivered the right information to our client's targets in the right format. The result was case managers and social workers saving our client's information on file for the next occasion when they would need them.

More Key Statistics

An upwards arrow resembling an increase in cold email open rates.

53.4% Open Rate

This is the percentage of people that opened our client's cold emails.

Cold email copywriting services.

26,112 Emails Sent

To 8,704 Elder & Special Needs lawyers, Case Managers, and Social Workers.

B2B LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn lead generation.

10.2% Reply Rate

This is the percentage of people that replied to our client's cold emails.

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"They figured out a way"

When we approached Lucky Leads, we weren't sure how we'd get more clients at scale, but sure enough they figured out a way.

Dan Goldberg
Chief Executive Officer

"The team at Lucky Leads was a pleasure"

Working closely with the team at Lucky Leads was a pleasure. They are professionals through and through.

RoseAnn Simeon
Head of Care

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