Influencer recruitment

Koia commissioned us to help them recruit micro influencers to promote their new Keto-friendly product line.

Campaign Duration: 2 months
Influencers Recruited: 49

The problem

Our client, a meal replacement beverage, wanted to recruit cost-effective micro-influencers on Instagram to post about their new product line. The new product line was a series of dessert flavored keto-friendly meal replacement beverages, and was directed towards a health-conscious audience. The challenge we faced when creating this campaign was that dessert and keto are counterintuitive ideas. In case you're not familiar with the ketogenic diet, it requires the dieter to consume a very low carbohydrate, and very high fat diet. I don't know about you, but all the desserts we know and love here at Lucky Leads are pretty high in carbs! So we had to find a way to get influencers excited about supporting this counterintuitive, yet amazing product line.

Our solution

As we considered how Koia would garner support from influencers for a product that goes against everything they know about keto, we realized we could leverage our biggest roadblock as an asset. Sure, carbohydrates are keto's kryptonite, but that didn't mean all dessert wasn't keto-friendly, so it was time to educate consumers. We began asking influencers if they would join Koia in letting consumers in on a little known secret - that dessert can be healthy and it comes in four delicious flavors. By doing so, they'd be helping people who might be struggling to stick with the keto diet, in turn helping them reap the health benefits all while licking their lips. Through a cold email campaign, an influencer registration landing page, and a free-product exchange, we were able to build an influencer program for Koia that helped to put their Keto line in the spotlight.

More Key Statistics

An upwards arrow resembling an increase in cold email open rates.

45.3% Open Rate

This is the percentage of people that opened our client's cold emails.

Cold email copywriting services.

1,326 Emails Sent

To 442 micro-influencers that matched Koia's ideal influencer profile.

B2B LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn lead generation.

53.3% Reply Rate

This is the percentage of people that replied to our client's cold emails.

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What Koia has to say about Lucky Leads

"They exceeded expectations"

Lucky Leads took the time to understand our needs and our audience. They exceeded expectations.

Maya French

"It really resonated with our consumers."

I love the way Lucky Leads was able to leverage a product feature as our product positioning. It really resonated with our consumers.

Jessica Kelly
VP of Marketing

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