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With the help of our turnkey appointment setting service, your sales team can focus on what they do best, while we handle the rest. Through thousands of hours of learning, we've honed our B2B outreach down to a science, resulting in efficiency and cost savings which you reap the benefits of. If you're looking for an affordable and scalable solution to grow your B2B sales, we'd love to help.

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Campaigns tailored to your needs

Every client has their own unique needs, which is why we let you Pick Your Pace™ at Lucky Leads. In other words, you tell us how many new clients you want to be closing each month, and we'll tell you what it will cost to deliver those results to you.

In order to provide you with pricing, we'll need to have a brief conversation with you about the results you'd like to see. With that information in hand, we can tell you what your campaign would cost on a monthly basis. If you like what you see, we will send you a formal proposal and agreement. Click the button below to schedule an appointment with our team!

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing term used to describe services that create top-of-funnel interest in a business’s products and services. There are many methods of lead generation in the B2B space, but some of the more commonly known ones are cold calling, cold email, direct mail, and LinkedIn messaging.

Top lead generation companies like Lucky Leads use a variety of methods to generate leads for their clients, rather than relying on just one. Doing so enables them to optimize outreach efforts for their clients, by reaching decision-makers wherever they may be. Today’s sales formulas are constantly changing, and hiring a B2B lead generation company can help you save time, money, and effort by leveraging their expertise.

What are the benefits of Lead Generation?

The benefits of lead generation are many, and largely depend on how well defined your ideal client is, the significance of data you collect on your target audience, and how well your messaging influencers your prospects to move from the top of your funnel to the point of conversion.

Fortunately, when you work with a lead generation agency like Lucky Leads, we make sure every step of your lead generation effort is top-notch and cutting-edge so that there’s no question whether you will see results like:

•  An increase in sales
•  Growth in profits
•  Less hiring and training
•  Real-time ROI feedback

Why use Lead Generation?

Building your company and hoping customers will find it is not a sustainable practice for business success. Even brands that are known globally invest in marketing to stimulate sales. As such, lead generation is a cornerstone for any business that plans to remain an active competitor in the marketplace. Developing a lead generation system for your company or entrusting a company like Lucky Leads to do so for you can result in a steady stream of new business opportunities that convert to sales.

Why choose Lucky Leads?

When you leverage our years of B2B lead generation experience, you give your company a leg up on the competition. Our team has worked together on campaigns across many industries over the years and has developed unique chemistry as a result that no amount of money or training can duplicate.

We believe in consistency, transparency, and communication. These fundamentals underlie our success in every partnership we strike up and will ensure that your decision to work with us results in a lead generation solution you can count on for high performance and consistent growth.

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